Talking Points and Conversations with Your Teen

Here you will find some resources to help you approach the issues of teen drinking and other drug use and have those important conversations with your teen. This page will be updated with new resources – bookmark it and check back often!

Parents and other caregivers often wonder how to handle the tricky questions about teenage drinking and other drug use. Putting the concerns into a Q & A format helps parents zero in on the key issues and understand how to approach a discussion with their teen.

Another challenge that parents face is answering the questions that teens put to them about drinking and drug use. When teens ask questions it is important to answer them directly without getting into a debate about whether a drug is “good” or “bad”.  Answering their questions provides an opportunity to counter popular myths about drinking and drug use with straight facts and to present your own point of view about substance use – without entering into an argument.


>> Party related Resources: 

  • Party Safely - a  reference booklet for teens with strategies for safe party outcomes.  To create the booklet, fold printed paper in half on the fold line, make a small incision along the cut line, and fold like an accordion.
  • More than a Hangover - a presentation slideshow with information about alcohol consumption and alcohol poisoning.