Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) was begun over thirty years ago by a group of parents concerned about the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the lives of their teenage children.  Since then we have become a leader in developing programs and resources for youth, parents, professionals and community members.  Our aim is to help parents and other caregivers

  • Become informed about alcohol and other drugs with current facts based on recent research
  • Guide  their children and youth to make safer, informed decisions about how alcohol and other drugs fit into their lives and
  • Help their children develop the skills, confidence and resiliency to deal successfully with the many different stresses and challenges that make up teen life today.

While alcohol is drug most frequently used by teens, there are a number of other common drugs that are readily available to — and used and misused – by youth in addition to alcohol.  In this resource, we help parents understand that concerns about drinking are similar to concerns about these other common drugs.

We also wanted to emphasize the relationship between parenting and preventing problems with alcohol and other drugs.  As more research is being done on this correlation, we are finding out that parents have a significant influence on their teen – but more information on why and how of that influence is still being studied.

The Parent Action Pack is meant to give parents and other caregivers a quick, accessible route to the issues involved in guiding their youth to healthier, safer decisions.  For more information and other resources from PAD, please visit our home site at www.parentactionondrugs.org.

It’s our intention to keep parents informed about new sources of information, new research and questions of interest on this website.

From our years of working with parents (and being parents ourselves) we know that most parents want reliable information that they can easily digest and apply.  For some parents the information on these pages will be enough – others will want additional information and to find out where to learn more.  We will help these parents with additional facts, references and links.

PAD has had incredible support in developing this Parent Action Pack.  As we began to develop a resource package that would meet parents’ needs we turned to the LCBO.  The LCBO has previously supported PAD in producing a booklet for senior high school students about alcohol (Test Your Alcohol IQ) that has been distributed to more than 100,000 students in English and French.

The ability of the LCBO to support the Parent Action Pack in resource design for both the brochure and the website, translation into French, print large quantities of the brochure and assist in the distribution, including distribution with the Autumn 2013 issue and full page ad for the Parent Action Pack in the Winter and Spring 2018 issues of their popular magazine, Food & Drink, has been a tremendous asset.