Getting Help

You can get help not only to stop gambling but also to deal with problems that arise from your gambling, such as financial, social, relationship, and/or psychological problems. You may be reluctant to ask for help. Sometimes you have to fight your own shame about being in this situation before you can take the step.

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    However, you should know that the professionals you will meet are not there to judge you but to help you and find solutions adapted to your situation.

    Support from your loved ones

    You can turn to those around you for support. Talking to someone around you can help you take a step back and free yourself of great weight. Your loved ones can be your allies in the steps you take to get help. When relationships have been complicated because of gambling, it can be hard to talk to them about it. Most of the time, however, your family and friends will appreciate your openness and your desire to get through it.

    Support from other gamblers

    Other gamblers are going through or have gone through the same thing as you. Experiencing similar situations and wanting to stop gambling creates not only solidarity but also a set of experiences that can be shared.

    Psychotherapeutic help

    Preparing to stop gambling, being supported during this period of change, being helped to mobilize your resources to succeed not only in stopping gambling but also in finding the pleasure of living without gambling, are the key elements of help. Different approaches exist. Some focus on expressing emotions, exploring the person’s particular history with gambling and the issues underlying it. Other approaches focus more on motivations for change and ways to affect gambling behaviour. Whatever the approach, the quality of the relationship between you and your therapist is the best guarantee of success.

    Just as it takes time for gambling habits to take hold, it takes time to break them. Getting help to stop gambling is often essential when you have gone too far in your gambling.

    Would you like to receive advice from a specialist you can trust? We are available for an anonymous and free online consultation.